Marie Antoinette

wendy brandes marie antoinette - madeofjewelry

We all know who Marie Antoinette is. But in my opinion you should also know about this other Marie Antointte. The Marie Antoinette ring by Wendy Brandes. Sigh.
It is a gorgeous ring. The gemstone colors are perfect. When it comes to the bling, I like the amethyst a lot because purple is one of my favorite colors. And to me, that color goes great with tsavorite green.
Yeah, this ring has it all. Size and bling.
Also, it’s as if the ring is capturing and enclosing the amethyst. It has something floral.
The Marie Antoinette ring is simply graceful. And I am pretty sure Marie Antoinette would have approved this ring!


wendy brandes Marie Antoinette Ring - madeofjewelry


wendy brandes marie antoinette instyle - madeofjewelryAin’t it a beauty?

The Marie Antoinette ring has also been featured on
Seems I am not the only one who is kinda obsessed with the ring…



[All images via and by Wendy Brandes | Collages made by MoJ]