LoriAnn Jewelry : Modern Renaissance

I truly love this time of the year. Not because of the weather or season changes. No. It’s all the new collections we get to discover. New creations have been designed and brought to life by jewelry designers. One of them is Lori Friedman of LoriAnn Jewelry. Her newest collection is called Modern Renaissance. A collection that is very elegant, and romantic but also very interesting to look at (at each piece I mean). Obviously, I do have a few favorite pieces. One of them is the Catalina Moonstone earrings, available with white or black diamonds. They feel very chic and sexy to me!

But let’s go to the story behind the collection. The inspiration.
The Modern Renaissance portrays the resurgence of personal self-discovery and expression, creativity, and a vast thirst for knowledge. The Renaissance was a time of exploration and rebirth from the dark Middle Ages, as a new culture and new art form emerged. Women of the Renaissance were influential and skilled – many were artists and inventors. Today’s Renaissance women are often referred to as “Jills-of-all-trades” – they wear multiple hats and have many interests, talents, and love to explore new opportunities.

“I felt inspired to explore the Italian Renaissance and I became completely immersed in the art of this profound movement that also had a distinct impact on jewelry. Gazing at the work of the great masters – DaVinci, Raphael, Botticelli and Michaelangelo, I reflected on the moments of my early life traveling to Italy with my Mother. I recalled the transformative feeling I experienced visiting the Sistine Chapel.” – says Lori.

Throughout the collection, you’ll find pieces with luminous moonstones, black enamel and diamonds with intricate engravings set in 14K gold. All of the designs represent power and protection. Of course, the iconic fleur-delis couldn’t be missed. An ornamentation and design with spirals and circular motifs – some of which represent plants – are engraved on ring shanks and plaques. You’ll also recognize classic symbols such as shields and swords as reimagined keepsakes and traditional hearts take on a new dramatic look with inverted diamonds and distinctive cartouche detail.
As I said earlier, each piece is truly so interesting to look at.

Lori also tells that her mother, who passed away last Spring, was her greatest source of inspiration: ” her nickname was Lily. There are too many ways to describe her – she was complex, smart, loving, confident, creative, unfiltered, unique, magical, and influential. She was a matriarch, a collector, a hostess, an entrepreneur, an artist, a knitter, a photographer, a hair stylist, a cook and a baker, a painter, a gardener, an avid researcher, and had a substantial presence.
She was completely authentic and lived her own unabashed version of enjoying life to its fullest. After she passed, I was flooded with the emotional impact of how much influence she had on my life and much of what I learned and my many interests were gleaned through osmosis. My love of nature, art and art history, antique jewelry, music, and cooking were some of the gifts she bestowed upon me. I am grateful to have experienced a childhood that was so rich in culture and tradition and that I was able to translate this into my art form to share with others. My mother was a true Modern Renaissance woman and this collection is my tribute to her.”

All images via LoriAnn Jewelry | Collage by MoJ