Latest Obsession : Tiger Eye

Ever since ParkFord Jewelry released her Palace collection recently, I fell in love with Tiger Eye even more.
The collection includes about I believe three or four Tiger Eye pieces and I just want them ALLLLLL.
For those who don’t know Tiger Eye (also called Tiger’s Eye), it is a warm-toned stone. Silky-ish brown.
Tiger Eye is a grounding stone said to fill you with feelings of security. Protection. It encourages the wearer to feel a connection to the earth and to the present moment. More about Tiger Eye here.
BUT, honestly, I don’t like all of the Tiger Eye jewelry pieces out there. So here is a Mini round-up of the ones I really do love.

  1. Tiger Eye bracelet by ParkFord Jewelry, comes with diamonds as well.
  2. Tiger Eye Oval signet by Yvonne Léon, set with a little diamond.
  3. Safari Heart luggage by NeverNot, with diamond corners, carved turquoise and white mother of pearl.
  4. Enchanted Donut ring by Bleecker & Prince, only one ring left as the Donut rings have to make room for new designs! Here is another Tiger Eye Donut ring for you, also the last one.
  5. Compass pendant by Retrouvai, with Spinel.
  6. Mini Inlay hoops by Orly Marcel, Tiger Eye and White Onyx. Comes in a Chunky version too.
  7. Bunny Pendant by Brent Neale, with white agate and a pink sapphire eye.
  8. Cushion Stone pendant by Fernando Jorge. In here, I absolutely love the setting.