Fantasy Signet

 photo supply-semand-jewelry-fantasy-signets - madeofjewelry_zps24q2dbz7.jpg
So excited to start this month! May is one of my favorite months as Spring is very present along with its flowers and birds who wke you in a sweet way every morning.
This month’s theme are Signet rings. Yay. Signet rings are fantastic and should be put in the spotlight more often.
Those rings are timeless nd even heirloom pieces to some. Perhaps you might remember your grandfather wore one?
My mom had a huge golden signet ring with her initial on it. She unfortunately no longer have it but would have loved to share.
Anyway, today I’m asking your attention for two AMAZING signet rings by Supply + Demand. The two fantasy signets are mgical.
Magical because one bears a Flying Pig, the other a Unicorn and both rings also include baguette diamonds!


 photo supply-demand-flying_pig-signet--madeofjewelry_zpsp6suy0gv.jpg


The flying pig embodies strength to overcome life’s
greatest obstacles.
A wise man once said anything is possible when you
stop believing it is impossible.
This Flying Pig signet ring is engraved with the message ‘Anything is Possible’.



 photo supply-demand-unicorn-signet--madeofjewelry_zpsjbslnqqv.jpg



The unicorn’s horn is said to be stronger than a diamond.
A timeless symbol of freedom, the unicorn reminds us
to celebrate our uniqueness and stay a little mysterious.
This Unicorn signer ring is engraved with the message ‘Beautiful & Mysterious’.

My, oh my! Told you they look magical!

[All images thanks to Kirsty of Supply + Demand]