Emily Gill Jewellery : Pop Ups

For all you fans of designer Emily Gill, she’s doing a couple of pop-ups, hence this blog post’s title, in California at the end of this month! In Los Angeles and San Fransisco to be precise, more deets below. Be sure to reserve your spot…ASAP!
“I’ve been working on showcasing some very unique, alternative bridal with traditional glass enamel, and specialty diamonds and sapphires. A big part of growing my online presence to spread the word I can attribute to a nice symbiotic relationship I have with Gem Breakfast !” says Emily. They have become friends in real life too now, btw. Gotta love this community, right?
Emily has been working with Gem Breakfast founder/owner Catherine Cason since the beginning of 2017 when Catherine launched her online shop. Emily is having her second and third U.S. pop up with Gem Breakfast in California!

Isis ring

“The exciting part about doing real-life pop-ups together is to be able to meet with the clients we share and text constantly online, in an intimate and personal way. We love our clients, and it is a unique opportunity to try on jewelry you would otherwise only see online until you purchased it!” says Emily.
In L.A., each appointment is one on one, so that visitors can feel truly attended to and informed of their design decisions and purchases. The Big Spring Bridal Show at the Gem Breakfast’s showroom in downtown San Francisco, will also require RSVP since space is limited. Porter Gulch who shares the showroom with Gem Breakfast, Emily Gill and Scout Mandolin Fine Jewelry will all be showing new alternative bridal collections at the event!

Details are as follows:
♦ L.A. POP UP (Los Angeles)
Saturday, March 30th
RSVP via Gem Breakfast Appointments here. Be quick, there are only a few spots left!
Place-to-be: Exact date to come
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Saturday, April 6th
RSVP at Gem Breakfast Appointments here. Spots available!
It is a Bridal Show with the collections of Gem Breakfast (@gembreakfast), Porter Gulch (@portergulch), Emily Gill (@emilygilldesign) and Scout Mandolin (@scoutmandolin) at the Gem Breakfast Showroom in San Francisco!
Place-to-be: 870 Market Street Suite 878
San Francisco, CA 94102

An intention to popularize her enameled deco motifs from the 1920s isn’t all that prompted Emily Gill to join forces with growing online influencer Gem Breakfast who quickly saw potential to market Emily’s bold design choices. The two shared a mutual passion for fostering a type of community that encourages women, especially, to feel empowered in their jewelry choices and give a platform to independent jewelers to showcase, but also sell, their high-quality jewelry.

Sun Godess ring

Just a bit more about Emily and her inspirations:
It was clear from a very young age Emily was going to be an artist. Her interests navigated between Egyptian culture and the solar system as a child, she was intent to learn, quiet, shy, and her parents brought her to places like Kenya on adventures that inspired and pushed a 6-year-old out of her comfort zone. She started beading jewelry when she was 8. A budding jewelry artist! Her jewelry aesthetic is unmistakably deco at a first glance, but she throws in her affinity for cultural inspiration from her broad history of studying art and design. Each piece is usually one-of-a-kind and very exceptional if you’re asking me. Emily also likes to collect unusual diamonds and sapphires to be the focal point of her color and design choices. Again she has most definitely a very unique aesthetic which you only but can love.

Plum Halo ring and Clara ring

Her recent work, showcasing first in L.A. with Gem Breakfast at their joint pop up, is an exploration of adornment that could easily have been plucked from a hieroglyph. She wants the rings to feel empowering and is really proud to showcase a line of work that was built in a time of self-realization. Unofficially a line of Goddess Rings, this new series will also be accompanied by smaller earrings and pendants with her signature enamel motifs, diamonds, and 18k gold. 

Earth Goddess ring

​Images courtesy of Emily Gill and Gem Breakfast