Ayva : Nova Collection

Designer Priyanka of Ayva Jewelry launched her NOVA Collection a little while ago, even though it took some time to finalize it, she totally nailed it.
The NOVA collection allows you to focus on your superpower(s) and it helps you in your life in all the ways that you need it to. Setting a goal and keeping it has never been so important, but always remember that it’s not all about the goal but also about the journey that it took to get there. Although our lives and journies are different for each of us as are our personalities, we’re all quite alike in a way. This collection is filled with power words, up to you to find the one that suits you!
Priyanka has put a lot of thought into this collection with a lot of love, in every possible way. You better keep on reading!

Epic and Goal pendants
All pendants come with Mother of Pearl, with or whitout diamonds and gemstones in 14K Yellow Gold

This spinning pendant features beautiful, colorful gemstones on one side – spin it to the power to find your very own power word, designed to bring you whatever you need in that moment.

Select the power word(s) which suits you best:
EPIC | legend, heroic, tremendous, grand, larger-than-life, titanic, astronomical, idyllic …
RISE | advance, increase, ascend, soar, progress, swell, climb, growth…
GOAL | ambition, intention, destination, objective, target, aim, purpose, aspiration …
CALM | peaceful, serene, cool, composed, soothe, tranquil, serenity, relaxed
PLAY | vacation, diversion, entertainment, fun, recreation, frolic, amusement, enjoy …
ROCK | strong, firm, stable, mighty, consistent, powerful, enduring, steady …
BOSS | champion, director, captain, leader, top, excellent, first-rate, wonderful … 
GROW | advance, become, build, cultivate, expand, flourish, rise, thrive …

What has inspired you for this collection?
The inspiration for this collection came from the idea of always growing as a woman, developing a sort of personal “power.” If you want to make something of yourself, you have to believe in yourself.

I started Ayva Jewelry after working in corporate for over a decade: but I soon realized that plans don’t necessarily unfold exactly as you imagine. I had to keep reminding myself that things weren’t happening to me but for me. I had the power to shift my perspective, stay positive, adapt, and thrive. I needed something to remind me of this truth, so I decided to make a piece of jewelry with a word written in it to do just that. My power word is PLAY, which means “let life play out and remember that all the dots connect in the end.” This is how it all started.

Then I began talking to other women, studying and selecting common, empowering words they had used in different stages of their lives. The collection’s pieces bear all those words of hope, courage, and vision. These words are at the heart of Nova.

Nova focuses on empowering women. Sometimes, our goals involve challenges, and the road ahead can seem dim. But novas are stars that shine brighter than ever before. The Nova collection champions dreams, courage, and growth. Its ultimate purpose lies in helping women shine their brightest while inspiring personal change and passion-driven lives. The diamonds and gemstones dazzle as they signify a woman’s natural beauty and confidence.

What’s the thing about the hidden power words?
With the Nova collection, you’ll discover that there’s more to the pieces than meets the eye. Every design is acrostic, meaning that the first letter of each gemstone creates a word. For example, a piece featuring Blue sapphire, Orange sapphire, Spinel, and Smoky quartz generates the power word BOSS. The word is your secret – for your eyes only. To reveal the hidden power word, simply reverse your pendant or look within the bracelet or ring to uncover one of the collection’s eight words spelled out.

These power words were carefully chosen after two years of research and discussions with hundreds of women, regarding the terms we use to describe ourselves, or rather, how we strive to see ourselves, on our journeys to fulfillment. These are the words that give us strength, belief, and inspiration.

To discover your own power word, all you have to do is take our short Nova quiz on our website: https://ayvajewelry.com/quiz/ and you’ll be paired with a word best suited for you.

What is so special about this collection, to you?
This collection is very near and dear to me, as it has taken a little over two years to create. When I went through the struggles of my new career change, I had to keep telling myself to stick with it even when I felt like quitting. I created a piece for myself, but then I realized that there had to be more women who felt the same way, who needed a reminder to keep going no matter what.

In conversations with women around the world, I heard stories of setbacks and dreams, how we must live through it all with intention. I came to understand that we are so similar. When we open up honestly, we all struggle with similar obstacles and even insecurities. I found community in these power words. They told a story. And I thought about how women might wear Nova and know that they are never alone. They possess light within themselves. They are radiant. They are writing their own story, but they are also part of a larger narrative.

And this is why I created Nova. For me, it’s about overcoming any limiting beliefs that are holding you back. We have to push through those and move into our full potential. In the end, my goal is to create a community of women who know that we are in this journey together; we are there for each other.

All images thanks to Ayva Jewelry | Collages and edits by MoJ