Ele Karela : magical jewels

When you love jewelry with a magical touch, you’ll adore these new pieces from Elé Karela. Like really LOVE.
Born and raised in Greece, Elé creates unique contemporary jewelry. They are, as I’d like to say, a treat for the eye. Ele’s work includes beautiful colors and plenty of details which makes them not only magical but also mystical. She has her very own style which is delicate, modern with a touch of Art Deco. Just on a side note, she is also a talented drawing artist. Each of her sketches is worth being framed and to be displayed! I’m a huge fan of jewelry sketches but her way of drawing is so realistic and you can feel/see what her vision is like.
That being said, back to her latest work!

Elé on the inspiration for her new collection:
The inspiration was derived from combining my love of visual arts and design with the rich materials available to produce timeless Art Deco pieces. The pieces have been brought to life by the different forms of nature I encountered on my path of creation. Was able to create geometric designs in a stylized form, which can stand the test of time and be worn in any desired setting, and at any time of the day. From the bold angles and smooth curves, to the vibrant colors of the precious stones and detailed craftsmanship, this collection offers a glimpse into the wonderful world of modernity and luxury – opening up a different dimension of formation.

As said above, Elé works with the finest materials and the best stones to create her modern graphic shapes. A little bit of Art Deco, modern and – what defines her style as well – geometry. Her jewels are actually statement pieces which also can be worn on a daily basis. Timeless beauties. These newest pieces have wowed me, again.

Okay, I guess you get what I mean by now by seeing the jewels Ele created. No words are actually needed to describe them. These newest pieces are as divine as per usual. They’re luxurious, they’re unique, they’re perfect. Yes, perfect. Right, I’m done now. You can enjoy one more collage here below.

Imagery thanks to Ele Karela| Collages by MoJ