Dual embrace

fathom by BlissLau - madeofjewelry

I think I have fallen in love with Bliss Lau‘s jewelry. Especially the rings. Got some favorite ones, hard to pick just one.
And one of those faves is the Fathom ring. In love!
It is basically a two piece ring, so if you wish so you can wear them separately. The ring set is made out of a sterling silver with Black Diamonds and a center U-shaped 14K Rosegold ring with Vikings Compass, also called Iolite.
The gemstone was used by the vikings to navigate, it is polarized and is fabled to have shown the direction of the north star.
Sad part of this gorgeous ring: limited edition. Limited edition of eleven pieces. And yes…unfortunately, it is sold out.
“Now there’s just no chance, for you and me, there’ll never be…. Cry me a river-er Cry me a river.”
BUT, good news if you love the center rosegold ring. This ring is available via Bona Drag. Woohoo!


fathom ring BlissLau - madeofjewelry
Amazing manicure as seen on designer Bliss Lau herself.
Other rings spotted: Oculus Arrow ring by Pamela Love, Pavé band by Anna Sheffield and Kaleidoscope ring by Bliss Lau


Ha! Also limited edition, but still available is this look-a-like. The Fathom II ring
FathomII by BlissLau - madeofjewelry


[All images via Bliss Lau and Instagram | Collages made by MoJ]