Distressed Because She Can

couldihavethat samantha  - madeofjewelry
How do you like this casual style of Samantha, blogger of could i have that? ?
Major like you say? I agree. And by adding some jewelry it makes way more than just casual.
Samantha is wearing a Wilt Vintage Slouchy top, the Rockstar Mid-Rise Distressed jeans  and a nice pair of Sueded short zip boots by Old Navy. To give this outfit a finishing touch: Jennifer Fisher jewely
And as if it’s not just enough to wear JF pieces, Samantha caught up with Jennifer Fisher herself in her latest post.
couldihavethat collage - madeofjewelry

jennifer fisher couldihavethat - madeofjewelry
Small Long Chain Link with pendants:
Talon Moon | Small Hollow Star | Small Skinny Tusk | Skull W/ pavé Diamonds
Hollow Star | Gothic Letter | Dog Tag
Grate Cuff | Trust Cuff(Samantha is wearing another cuff with Diamonds)



[All images via could i have that? and Jennifer Fisher jewelry | Collages made by MoJ]