Diamond Ink

If you’re a long time follower of MAde of Jewelry on Instagram, you may perhaps know I have two tattoos. One of them, my first, is a simple outline of a diamond.
Now let me explain you my choice:
I’ve always been intrigued by tattoos. It is art on your body which you carry forever.
My aunt has multiple ones I guess my interest in this body art comes from her. As a young kid I saw her getting one after the other having to keep it as a secret for my godmother (her mother) she got a new one (thought that was fun!). As I got older and noticed about people having tattoos and it being accepted by the society, I thought this was cool but always told myself I won’t get any…because I was just too scared of the pain it may cause.
Finally, last year (September 2014) I got my first tattoo. I had been thinking about tattoos since a while that year, but my longing only grew over the months and so somewhere in the summer I told myself to just go for it. And so I did. First thing which came to my mind was a diamond tattoo. The placement was something I had decided about way before I knew which tattoo I wanted to get. Some place where my tattoo wouldn’t be too much exposed as I know many people around are not pro ink but a spot I still could show it off. My right wrist is what I went for.
I made an appointment at a tattoo shop near me and got it done like two weeks later.

I adore getting a tattoo! It feels amazing. (I’m not encouraging anyone !) To me it felt like a kick. Not knowing how it must feel like, (I peed quite a few times before I left home, I was so stressed to get something done I never experienced before.) I just laid there on a table.
I got so excited about my tattoo, even how small and simple it is. I had to look at every time I saw a mirror and simply enjoyed looking at it.
A diamond was also an obvious choice: I am a jewel lover and blogger, I love diamonds and I love its meaning (Invincibility, Strength, Power, and Durability but also Love and Purity)….the choice was quickly made. Didn’t overthink it too much at all.
A year has passed now and I still get excited when I catch a glimpse of it in a mirror.
Diamonds are forever!


[Jewelry by Kelly BelloMarshelly’sTheresa M LeeUntil Death, Inc. and Laurie Fleming]