Dana Seng Jewelry Collection

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Happy to introduce you Dana Seng Jewelry Collection. Dana’s designs are sparkling, sophisticated and no doubt you’ll find your everyday lifestyle jewelry pieces . Stylish for work, dressed up for any occasion and perfect in every way.
Dana was born and raised in Cambodia which located in the Southern Portion of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Ever since she was little, she always had a passion for designing. Her family owned a jewelry business and she was very involved in at the time.
Dana: “That was when my passion for jewelry designing grew. From then on, I determined to pursue my career as a jewelry designer. Later on, I moved to the United States and began to work for a wholesale findings company. There, I learned how to design various styles of luxurious design. I have gained a tremendous amount of experience from designing to selling jewelry.”

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When she got married a few years later – her husband owns a wholesale jewelry company – she started to work as a custom engagement ring designer, etc.
Her husband has been an inspiration and a great supporter of hers since forever. Dana’s brand is what it is now thanks to him and all the experience she has gained overtime.

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Dana: “I consider each piece of my design as a challenge because I want each piece to hold a meaningful message to every woman as it does to me. Though my task is complex, my approach is simple; I listen, study, while thinking creatively and strategically. I am fulfilling my dedication by designing everyday wear jewelry. My pieces are luxurious yet they also can be stay-in jewelry (put in a better sentence). My collection is my signature.”

 photo dana-seng-designer-madeofjewelry_zpskrlxlhn8.jpg“What I love about my job is that I am content when my clients satisfy with their purchase. It inspires me to continue to pursue my passion with positive thoughts in mind.
My products can be worn by women at any age because I want every beautiful woman to feel pride and confident when they wear my collection. My philosophy is that “ Each and every woman deserve to feel and treat like a princess. Each of us are equally magnificent”.” Dana on her love of creationg jewelry.
“As for my everyday life; 2-3 times a week, I like to water and take care of my plants. I want them to feel fresh and to look beautiful. Even though I have a very busy schedule, I still use my spare time to do grocery shopping and doing chores around the house. And sometimes, while cooking, ideas pop up in my head which help me with my collection design.
Overall, my mission of creating Dana Seng Jewelry Collection is that I want to present my
passion to the world and help every woman turn their imagination into reality.” explains Dana.


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[All images thanks to Dana Seng Jewelry Collection and team]