Cherry Blossom

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The Cherry Blossom Collection by Shaun Leane is perfect for spring. And perfect as bridal jewelry.
Anyway, for every lady here who loves flowers this necklace (and every single piece in the collection) is just perfect for you.  A floral piece with lovely details. Very charming if you ask me.
This collection, including this Cherry Blossom hoop pendant, makes me think of pink, spring and flower headband. And of course the blossom trees which are very beautiful.


shaun leane cherry blossom hoop necklaces - madeofjewelryCherry Blossom hoop pendant in/with
Diamonds and White pearls | Rose Gold with Diamonds and Pearls | Gold with Topaz and Pearls | Rhodalite and Pearls



[All images via Astley Clarke and Shaun Leane | Collage made by MoJ]