Aloni Jewelry

I love it to discover jewelry designers which are new to me. Kudos to one of my favorite designers Meital for sharing about this talented guy. I’m talking about Aloni Hason of Aloni Jewelry, who is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Every single piece is handcrafted from start to finish and with a great eye for details and a fine taste. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind and most are nature-inspired creations. Besides using precious gemstones, Aloni sets gorgeous carved gems as you can see in the following photos below. Each of his creations is a gorgeous piece of art.

Aloni was born in Israel on 1971 and always had a talent of drawing and sculpting. “I used to draw on walls, portraits and more.
I did start to work with stones since 1994 when I was in India and Nepal.
There I’ve learned a lot while working a goldsmith for a Nepali family that uses to work for the royal palace family. A Nepali ancient work…  I now use those Nepali gold smithing secrets which I combine with the new age technics.”
Aloni works with 18k and 22k gold, all kind of gemstones and diamonds.
“I like to choose my stone carefully for my products.”.

These Circle rings can be customized with any stone color of your choice.
The middle ring has a larger center diamond and a different side floral detail. You can shop the Circle rings here and here.

For those wondering about the difference in gold: It’s all in the percentage of gold purity: 14K has a lower concentration of gold than 18K, therefore it is less expensive. 14K is considered stronger due to pure gold (24 K) being rather soft.

22k necklace with carved Amber set with Ruby’s and Diamonds & Opal pendant

To quote Aloni: “I LOVE MY WORK!”.




All images thanks to Aloni Jewelry | Collages by MoJ