Abby Sparks Jewelry : custom Lisa ring

Denver custom jewelry designer Abby Sparks Jewelry creates custom engagement rings, wedding rings, repurposed and unique jewelry. And this is what today’s ring is all about.
The Lisa ring, named after the wearer, is a custom ring repurposed with diamonds of the client’s heirloom rings. The finished pieces resulted in a stunning Rose Gold diamond cluster ring to which Lisa said yes to, obviously…ha!
“All of the jewelry we make is completely custom and named after the person the piece is made for, so our design process is really unique.
First, we sit down and have a one-hour meeting with the client to learn more about them and what they’re looking for. For this ring, our client wanted to design a ring to propose to her girlfriend with. She had some family heirloom rings that had a lot of sentimental value, and it was important to her to include those stones in the ring she created for Lisa to honor and remember her family. When it came to the actual design, she wanted something simple that could be worn every day, but she still wanted it to be modern, unique, and not traditional. She loves the look of asymmetry and geometry, so our designers played with shapes in different cluster designs until it was perfect for her girlfriend.
From there we make a Computer Aided Design or CAD that is a 3D rendering of the sketched designed that our client chose. It allows us to engineer the ring, but more importantly, helps our clients see how the ring will actually look before it enters production. The ring was originally supposed to be in white gold, but after seeing how it looked in rose gold, our client chose that metal, with a matte finish to give the ring an even more modern vibe. Our designers made it flush fit, so that it was practical for everyday wear, but still made the ring delicate by playing with all different shapes and settings.
Once our client signs off on the CAD the ring enter production and is handmade by our bench jewelers right here in Denver, and is delivered to our client when it is finished. We never post a ring on our socials until after the ring has been proposed with so we don’t give away any surprises. Some clients wait for the perfect moment to propose and some are so excited they do it right away.
The Lisa was proposed with fairly quickly and she said yes! Because we work so closely with our clients it is always exciting for us when they finally pop the question and get engaged.” –  the Abby Sparks-team on the designing process of the Lisa ring.

So let’s do a quick recap’:
A custom ring like this beautiful and uniques (because that’s what custom jewelry is all about) starts with 1) what do you want? > stones, metal type, style, etc. 2) after you and the designer agree on a design and sketch, the ring goes into production with either a CAD or Wax model. 3) last but not least, your custom piece is being completed and you may pick up your custom piece!
More details on each step of the custom designing process here.


All imagery an info thanks to Abby Sparks Jewelry