I’m so so so happy to present you Ioanna Souflia‘s new mini collection, which will be a farewell to marble for now. On to new creative journeys…and creations!
This new collection is called Adieu, a multicolor homage to the two previous collections that introduced her sculptural fine jewelry which I absolutely adore. Her unique designs with beautiful curves and her use of marble makes her pieces very apealing for the eye.
Rose and black gold, grey Bardiglio Imperialeand white Thasos marble, grey round brilliant cut diamonds merge in a limited number of four pieces shaping an enchanting farewell to the iconic stone.

Ioanna on her collection:
“Designing this collection was about creating a new family of pieces where the “creatures” of my two previous collections, Symbiosis and Adoucissement, are brought together introducing a more colorful aspect, honoring the aesthetic of minimal maximalism and the sculptural element of my work while presenting a more “petit” alternative.
There is also a discrete, hidden design clue about what is coming next.
Marble is still the protagonist; the carving of the stone still entirely made by hand, each piece individually fabricated but this time the stone is presented without the decorative element of a linear pattern carved on the surface.”

I also asked Ioanna on her favorite Adieu piece: “All four pieces are loved creatures of mine.
The most challenging one to create was Adieu necklace. With 78 grey diamonds, 26 pieces of marble that required 71 hours (!) to carve and a metal structure that was meticulously designed to avoid the use of chains or visible connections that consists of moving parts that fit the neck perfectly and harmoniously, which required 75 hours of manufacturing (!!), I am in love with how such a challenging piece came to life.
Adieu ring is definitely a must have piece for me, as a perfect companion to my Synthesis ring which is a permanent resident of my hand.” – explains Ioanna to MoJ.

Ioanna’s Synthesis ring from the Symbiosis Collection