A message worn as armparty

A little while ago, via Instagram, I came across this lady Krysten Kauder. She seemed making bracelets and I fell in love with them.
Initial bracelets to be precise. And I adore whatever you can personalize.
Yes, heck yes, of course I had to own some. So a month or longer ago I contacted Krysten and a two weeks ago I finally placed an order.
Now I am the happy owner of two great Ryan Porter bracelets.
Ryan Porter is the name of Krysten’s brand. I think it’s just perfect.
The cool part of these bracelet is YOU choose the message, initials, beads, chain and/or colored cord.
It’s so all fetch!

ryan porter - madeofjewelry

And here are my two bracelets by Ryan Porter.
‘KS’ as K for my lover his first name, and ‘S’ from mine.
I guess I don’t have to explain the ‘Love’ one.

[Collage made via Ryan Porter | other images by MoJ]