Yi Collection x Made of Jewelry

Yi Guo of Yi Collection and I have teamed up to create a unique chain ring. The first thing we brainstormed about was the gemstone colors. We decided to go with black and pink as these are MoJ’s theme colors. They’re chic colors too right?
Next was selecting stones and shapes. So Yi showed off some options such as pink topaz, garnet, black diamond and pink sapphire. I can tell you it wasn’t easy for me to decide on which pair to go with! I’m such a sucker when it comes to deciding on this, especially if I like it all!

Yi Collection’s chain rings are all so pretty and all so delicate but so fun and great to wear at any occasion. It’s been fun to create this little cutie together and we hope you like it as much as we do! So here is the Yi x MoJ chain ring ↴

So happy on how it turned out. The ring is set with a round Black Diamond and a baguette Pink Sapphire. Just perfect.





All images by MoJ