Want some T?

Karma El-Khalil t cuff - madeofjewelry

Now this looks good right? The T cuff by Karma El-Khalil is just the a perfect addition for your jewelry box and wrist. It goes with your casual style just as much as with your little black dress.
Yup indeed, I like it.
As seen on the picture above, them both are awesome worn together. To me, that’s how each look the best. Together.
One with diamonds and another without. Uhuh, again, I like it!

The T cuffs come with or without diamonds. Don’t like them in gold? No worries. The cuffs are also available in White gold, Rose gold and Blackened gold. These options should make of you a happy girl, right? 😉
Can hardly wait for karmaelkhalil.com to be launched, to view all the other beautiful jewelry.

Karma El-Khalil t cuff roseark - madeofjewelry
Available via Roseark

Karma El-Khalil roseark - madeofjewelry


As seen on Karma El-Khalil’s instagram: a larger T cuff!

Karma El-Khalil large t - madeofjewelry



[All images via Roseark, Instagram and Roseark Rated | Collages made by MoJ]