Tiny Skully

iwona ludyga skully - madeofjewelry


This dainty little skull is cute, right? Perfect to stack it with other bracelets…or to be worn alone.
Even if you are not into skulls, you will love this one because it’s so small it makes it so loveable. Or at least, I do think it is loveable.
It has nothing like “wow, you are wearing a skull, so badass”. Nope. It’s just a cute little harmless skull.
The Tiny Skully bracelet by Iwona Ludyga Design is a musthave, to add to your armswag collection. Just sayin’.

tiny skull - madeofjewelry

Just one other bracelet I like by ïLD, the Tribe Bracelet with Flag on Beads and actually, just a few more.
But this post is about the Tiny Skully bracelet, so shhhht and all eyes on it!


[All images via Iwona Ludyga and My Name Is Dimi]