The Silver Elements x Made of Jewelry

 photo the-silver-elements-made-of-jewelry-collaboration-madeofjewelry_zpspar25flr.jpgI’m super excited to finally share what Natalia of The Silver Elements and I have been up to.
I know The Silver Elements since a few years now and I really adore independent designers such a Natalia. I also happen to own two unique pieces from her such as an awesome ring and a custom made bracelet which I wear daily.
Natalia reached out to me with this wonderful idea to make a piece together. So we brainstormed and Natalia’s creative mastermind and talent did all the rest….et voila! Here it is, our limited edition ring. Everybody loves rings right?
This creation, which is adjustable, is available with a pink or green quartz. It’s up to you to pick a favorite…or get them both! 😀

 photo the-silver-elements-made-of-jewelry-limited-edition-green-quartz-madeofjewelry_zpsnoysilew.jpg

 photo the-silver-elements-made-of-jewelry-limited-edition-pink-quartz-madeofjewelry_zpsxfsxcmru.jpg photo the-silver-elements-made-of-jewelry-limited-edition-madeofjewelry_zpsuxuzohlm.jpg

 photo the-silver-elements-made-of-jewelry-limited-edition-collab--madeofjewelry_zpsu4dasdnj.jpg