Rodney Sr.

 photo TaraLawsonJewellery-madeofjewelry

Meet the handsome Rodney Sr. It’s a cuff from the Reggie collection by Tara Lawson. Tara’s signature style includes elements of geometry and nature,  to create an earthy and luxe feeling. She is inspired by nature and symbology, astrology individualism and freedom.
The Rodney Sr cuff includes a moveable bar studs and is available in two styles, all silver and two-tone. Minimal clean lines and 100% handmade.

 photo taralawson-reggieCollection-madeofjewelry

 photo TaraLawson-reggie-RodneySr-madeofjewelry

 photo TaraLawson-reggie-silverRodney-madeofjewelry



[All images via Tara Lawson and Instagram]