photo katieg-earring-madeofjewelry_zpsoxcrkzog.jpg

This is a limited edition earring, the Porthpean earring by Katie Gruber.
Katie’s Porthpean pieces are inspired from nature. It reminds youΒ of the beach and so do these earrings too. As if you’d be wearing shells.
They are, to me, also quite feminine. Absolutely adoring its shape. Don’t you love this beautiful shapedΒ Porthpean earringΒ too?

 photo katie g porthpean - madeofjewelry
Enchanting shapes and colors, gold or silver.

 photo katiegearring-madeofjewelry_zps04f44ffe.jpg
Small Porthpean earring

 photo katie grube rjewelry - madeofjewelry

 photo katieg-shellearring-madeofjewelry_zpsjdcggv00.jpg

[All images via Katie G., andΒ Tumblr and Facebook]