eddie borgo paradox link bracelet - madeofjewelry
Eddie Borgo…there is something about the jewelry. It has it’s own mark. I can tell.
At some point, you get to know designers their style and trademarks. Meaning: you can pick out which piece is from which designer. Something recognisable, you know. I’m slowely getting there.
And Eddie has that too. Though, I am still working on that.
The Paradox Link bracelet ain’t just a simple gold bracelet. No, it is more than that.
Gold and not too decadent but decadent enough.
Nowadays, such jewelry pieces go perfectly with your casual shirt-and-denim look. Wearing only but this link bracelet is just enough. Enough of glam…and all eyes on it.
For your girls-night-out outfit, simply add one or two more bracelets and a golden necklace if needed. You will rock it girls!
eddie borogo paradox detail - madeofjewelry

[All images via Eddie Borgo and Net-A-Porter | Collage made by MoJ]