I came across No.3 while following Bliss Lau on IG. I saw a repost and that’s how things go these days…social media is everything. Anyway, what attracts me is her designer selection. Happens I adore every single one of them!
No.3 is a destination for hard-to-find, customized, and truly singular jewelry designs based in San Francisco and run by independent retailer Jenny Chung. Find out more below!

The story behind No.3 as told by Jenny:

Before No.3 was born, there was Acrimony, a clothing shop I’ve been running for 8 years. We focus on emerging and hard to find designers, doing amazing things in the design world. I’ve always had a small glass case dedicated to jewelry, but never enough space or resources to make a real commitment to any of the designers we carried. Four years into it, a beautiful, jewelry-box of a space opened up in the Russian Hill neighborhood of San Francisco and I knew it was my chance to liberate that small glass case and turn it into something real. Not to mention my budding passion for jewelry with rings on every finger, and 5 piercings in my ears!

The shop now || Designer Anna Sheffield & Jenny Chung

I wanted to create a space that was easy and welcoming for people to browse and talk about jewelry. No standing behind a stuffy counter, no static shock while touching the glass, no being fearful of leaving fingerprints, no arrogant sales people wearing outdated suits. I’ve always loved jewelry, but the love now is more for the designers we represent and the accessibility we provide to people that also love jewelry. Emerging designers sit next to established designers. Big hoop earrings, tiny diamond stackers and gold bead chokers sit next to custom engagement rings.
I think the process should feel just as good as the actual purchase, and the experience you have at No.3 should be memorable.

I also had to ask the story behind her shops’ name:
Jenny explained that she had a folder filled with store inspiration and called it No.3 because she didn’t have a name for the store yet. After looking at it for months, it grew on her and felt right.
Does make sense to me!

Some pieces currently available via No.3:Rosedale | Carolyn Colby | Anna Sheffield | Lady Grey | Mociun | Zoe Chicco



[All images thanks to Jenny of No.3 | Collages by MoJ]