Multi Stone Earrings

I’m a sucker for colorful gems. That’s what I recently have discovered. Crystals of variable color, ruby, sapphire,… the use of different colors and stones can be so beautiful. Tanzanite, emerald, moonstone, tourmaline, labradorite, topaz and many others. The more multi stonesย and different shapes in one design, the better.
A great example of this all are the incredible earrings byย Margery Hirschey. The piecesย look like they popped right out of a fairy tale.
Different shapes with pretty colors. Very girlyย designs. Sigh. They are astonishing, don’t you agree?
I am personally not a wearer of such earrings but gosh I wish I was this ladylike enough to have at least one pair. They are a real treat for the eye!



[All images via Margery Hirschey and Instagramย | Collage and selection by MoJ]