Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Let’s celebrate Mother’s Day with some sparklin’ beauties, well obviously! What else right?!

  1. Pink Tourmaline La Denteliere by Atelier Molinari, comes with other gemstones as well
  2. Mommy + Me Emerald Diamond ring by Kat Kim, just so sweet
  3. Cygnus pendant by Sofia Zakia, cute little family!
  4. Sapphire cabochon ring by Cecile Raley Designs
  5. Galaxy earrings by Loriann Jewelry, as lovely and gorgeous like mama
  6. Sign Language Sign charm by Mociun, comes with each letter of the alphabet. As selected here ‘I Love You’
  7. Spring Baby necklace by Bleecker and Prince, a perfect gift at any occasion
  8. Engraved Mommy ring by Finn Jewelry, a must have I think!
  9. Orion ring by Spinelli Kilcollin, what I love about Yves’ rings are the connectors…they’re just like mom, keeping things together!
  10. Mama Signet by My Story Jewelry, comes with “mom” or “mommy” engraving as well
  11. Custom Silhouette Enamel pendant by Elisabeth Bell, every mama needs this!
  12. Parent necklace by Ariel Gordon Jewelry x LOOM,
    an organization that works to produce education that empowers people throughout their reproductive, pregnancy, and parenting journey
  13. Opal Rainbow Signet ring by Elisa Solomon, other styles are available as well. Perfect to have your kids’ initials engraved with a touch of color
  14. Engravable Nomine ring by Diaboli Kill, customizable with any wordy or name of your choice. This one is definitely on my personal wishlist!
  15. Balloon Letter Charm by Kelly Bello Designs, which is a fun and personal piece to add with your other charms or to wear on its own. Really cute
  16. Loved & Found ring IV by Golpira, a golden nugget ring because ALL moms are golden!
  17. Opal Tess ring by Oli & Tess, with Diamond flower detail. Cute!
  18. Assymetrical Iolite ring by Danielle Welmond, available via Voiage

Some more lovely gift ideas: