Charlotte le Hardy : Metamorphosis

A month or two ago, the London based designer Charlotte le Hardy launched her new website introducing the Metamorphosis collection.
Charlotte puts all her heart in what she does. Her creations are beautifully crafted pieces and very refined.
The new Metamorphosis collection is made with 18-carat gold and cabochon rubies to evoke a journey encompassing change, impermanence and self-empowerment.
“I am so happy to notice that for this collection, women come and buy the pieces for themselves, they are taking steps to empower themselves and that makes me very proud to be part of this change.” says Charlotte.

Every single piece is each bold and organic but also refined as I just mentioned above.
My personal favorites are the Metamorphosis band with Rubies, the Nuage necklace and the Condensation bangle…just to name a few.

Oh and the 2 in 1 earrings, the Condensation earrings. These can be worn in two ways! Pictured below for you to see, both of the options:
Charlotte on the inspiration behind her collection:
“The Metamorphosis collection is about those times in life when we have to adapt to changes and navigate through whatever life throws at us in the most graceful way possible… We then change ourselves and grow, evolve…
The pieces act as talismans and reminders that everything passes, always.”

“I chose rubies for this collection because they are the stone of courage and joy, both qualities very much needed to navigate a successful metamorphosis! They balance the heart and instill confidence. To me, ruby is the stone of the modern resilient warrior.” – on why she chose rubies for the Metamorphosis collection. Totally makes sense to me!




All images via Charlotte le Hardy | Video by Chris Ullens