Kat Florence : Australian Black Opal Collection

If you are born in October, lucky you! It’s your birthstone!
Kat Florence released her Australian Black Opal Collection and is as per usual to die for.
The hues of each opal are so magnificent, they make you stare at them like forever. All these different and deep colors are so magical. Knowing Australian Opals are the finest in the world, it is no wonder Kat created an entire collection with her stunning Opal selection. They can be found in a wide variety of patterns and colors and Kat only picks the most perfect gemstones which then inspires her designs which then on their part enhance the natural beauty of each stone.

Rarer than diamonds, Black Opals from Australia’s Lightning Ridge are one of the scarcest and most beautiful gemstones in the world. The native Aborigine tribes call them Fire of the Desert, thanks to the vivid rainbow colors and patterns that burn bright within these black gems. The finest gems are a rich, deep black, providing the ideal contrast for the myriad colors sparking within each stone. Kat Florence had the opportunity to create a small collection of one-of-a-kind pieces from three specific locations within Lightning Ridge Australia; Inverted Ridge, Eight Mile Under and Lunatic Hill. Each location boasts a unique play of color and pattern on the Opal.
“The origin of the gemstone is the initial starting point for each design I create, whether it is the environment, the culture or the history of the location – I try to create a setting, a frame that will narrate the story of the stone it holds.” Says Kat Florence. “I lived in Australia for many years and realized quickly a great respect for the environment and nature. The people of Australia take such great care to develop processes and create a way of life that preserves their land and sea. The sea is such a part of daily life on the coast – there isn’t a day that goes by that the weather, the sea or the environment plays a role in each individuals way of life. I wanted this feeling to create a natural organic feeling with the gold work, as it wraps around the Opals. At times you will see the gold and Diamond work extend the pattern or play of color displayed on the Opal.

This beautiful ring from the Black Opal Collection is as you can see beautiful from every angle. Its craftsmanship is spectacular. You can tell Kat has an eye for details.
This 18K Yellow Gold piece features a 1.39 carat Lightning Ridge Black Opal and includes 1.54 carat D Flawless Diamonds.





All images and info thanks to Kat Florence | Collages and edits by MoJ