Jewel Lover : Stephanie Gottlieb

It’s always a pleasure to have fellow jewel lovers sharing their most cherished and favorite pieces from their personal collection. So interesting to take a peek at someone’s jewelrybox.
This time I asked jewelry designer Stephanie Gottlieb to open her box for us!

My name is Stephanie Gottlieb and I started my business Stephanie Gottlieb Fine Jewelry two years ago. I work with my clients to find or create beautiful jewelry for any desired occasion.
My love of jewelry started when I was a little girl, but I like to think it’s in my genes. My grandfather worked as an apprentice alongside his uncle in Harry Winston’s New York workshop. He passed his passion for jewelry to my mom, and as a little girl she and I spent many happy hours together pouring over her collection.
Jewelry for me is about more than just the sparkle. It evokes memories of a special trip where it was bought, a momentous occasion, or an important person who gifted the piece. Most of my favorite pieces are gifts from important people in my life; and my other favorites are some of my first designs. I’ll touch on my favorite from each category.

RINGS: These baguette rings (Mini Baguette Bar ring & Ray ring) were the first few pieces in a Collection that I’ve been working on for the better part of this year. I have always loved baguettes, and knew that I wanted to design some pieces that would highlight the beautiful cut. I designed the rings for myself because I wanted a statement ring to wear on my middle finger and a fun stack ring; women stop me constantly to ask about them.

EARRINGS: The starburst earrings were something I designed for my wedding. Originally set in white gold (and later plated with Black Rhodium), I had really wanted something unique that would bring in an element of Whimsy. The design was inspired by my wedding shoes, which are also pictured here. IWhen I later decided to add the Black Rhodium finish, I was able to wear them more casually with a white t-shirt and jeans.
I love a statement earring!!

BRACELETS: This seems cliché, but ever since I was a little girl, I loved the Cartier Love bracelets, My grandfather used to wear one in Yellow Gold, so it only makes sense that Yellow Gold was the first one I got for my 21st Birthday. I’ve always been extremely matchy-matchy with everything…my sister and mom make fun of my obsession to have my shoes match my belt, match my bag, match my hat! And the same applies for my jewelry. Only recently did I embrace mixing my metals- so when I got my Yellow Gold Love bracelet, I made sure that the rest of my jewelry was Yellow Gold. Three and a half years ago when my husband wanted to propose to me, he knew that Rose Gold was a new obsession of mine. At the time I didn’t have anything in Rose Gold, so he knew that having a Rose Gold engagement ring with nothing else to match would baffle me. My amazing husband proposed with a Red Cartier box; inside was a Rose Gold Love Bracelet, engraved with our initials and the date April 26, 2013. When I asked why he had that date engraved in the bracelet, he got down on his knee with a new smaller box, and said “it’s the day I asked you to marry me”. Now I had two perfect Rose Gold pieces to match each other. The White Gold bracelet was a gift from my husband for our 10 Year Anniversary (10 years since our first date in High School). The Love bracelet has become a symbol of momentous occasions for me. Something to always look forward to!

NECKLACES: My favorite two necklaces are in honor of my husband, who since he was a little boy, has always loved monkeys. His room used to be a collection of the “Three Wise Monkeys”. When I came across the first necklace on Instagram, the designer was located in the Middle East, so I jumped through hoops to order the necklace and have it sent to me in New York. I love that Instagram has opened up so many opportunities for the designer community. In fact, that’s how Sophie and I were brought together!

When I found the second “Three Monkeys” necklace, I was in Capri, Italy (my favorite destination in the World) walking past the new Amedeo shop. The monkeys were in the window, set in Rose Gold, and I knew it had to be my first piece from Amedeo. I’ve admired his cameo designs for a long time, and it felt like a “meant to be” moment to buy the Three Monkeys from a designer I love, featured in my favorite color, in my favorite place (on my birthday).

I’m on the hunt for the next addition to my collection. Marc Alary’s monkeys are to-die-for!! They are on my wish list! Wish lists are a must! How else would my husband know what to buy me! That’s what I like to do with my clients…build a wish list of pieces that I know they will love and make their husbands/boyfriends/fiancé’s look like heroes when they deliver the perfect gift!


[All images by Stephanie Gottlieb]