Jewel Lover : Jen

Earlier this year, I came across this Instagram-account and saw Jennifer’s ring photos. I almost freaked out as these rings were most likely all from her personal collection. Envious? Hell yes! So of course, I had to ask her for the Jewel Lovers-series.

Meet Jennifer and her love for jewelry:
I started collecting in my early teens with a focus on Art Deco, and what I could afford lol!
On instagram, I am known for my crazy “one finger stacks” #onefingerstack and a few of my truly special pieces such as:

‘Oculus’ a French rose cut diamond target ring with a halo of french cut sapphires set in platinum.









A Georgian gold and silver heart shaped mourning locket set with rose cut diamonds, an emerald cut ruby, and complete with a special crystal compartment on the reverse for hair etc.

I love playing around with stacking and statement rings. More often than not, you will find me with simple ring finger stacks, and one statement ring on my index finger to add a playful twist.
I am a firm believer that antique jewels can be accessible to most people, even those on a tight budget. Thrift stores, antique malls and flea markets are all great places to hunt for treasures, and an educated and patient hunter will reap the rewards. Though I would LOVE to pursue my passion for jewelry full time, but, I do have to fund my passion with a full time job in Finance, lol.
My IG handle (@thing_finder) comes from my love for the hunt and “thing-finding” treasures for my family and friends. I have been fortunate enough to have helped to find the engagement rings for some of my nearest and dearest.
I am always delighted to help people find pieces for themselves in any budget.
(Be sure to ask her if you’re looking for something particular! I did so too.)





[All images via Jennifer | Edit and collages by MoJ]