Holiday Gift Guide : For Her

It’s that time of the year again. Christmas shopping. Wondering which presents to get for who.
It is my very first holiday gift guide but I truly hope it will be helpful or inspirational for to to find that perfect present for your BFF, partner, sister… or yourself.


From left to right:

Other prints for example by Birdy & MePaperfashionJessica DurantLangley FoxJamie Lee Reardin, etc…just to name a few others.
Presents is not on how much you spend or whatsoever. It can be something the person has mentioned about it a few weeks ago as it just can also be what you know she might absolutely adore. Or something she collects.
Also, think about a custom made gift. Maybe a shirt which says “You’re RAD” or a bracelet with an inscription.
Let the shopping begin!

[All images as mentioned in the links above and by MoJ | Collage by MoJ]