Golden Moms – Part 4

MANY, MANY thanks to all the moms who emailed me after my request a few months ago via my IG Stories. You were (are!) all so kind and fabulous for your interest and support but also for being you. Not all moms have been featured due your busy shedules, and that is just fine! You are GOLDEN!

Nicole Rose Kopelman – Nicole Rose Jewelry
I would say that it is definitely a challenge. But I grew up watching my mom who was a nurse then become a gemologist. She had myself and my sister ( twins) and if she can do it then so can I! It’s a passion I have had my whole life and nothing excites me more than diamonds and color stones -especially making my clients happy.

Meri Geraldine – Gardens of the Sun

When I was still working as a sustainability consultant, I had to pump milk during overnight work trips and conferences abroad. I felt miserable and hated pumping. This time around, running my own business, I asked myself if I really had to choose between my kids and my career? I decided I might as well take my kids with me.

Last year they joined me to the heart of Borneo, to meet a group of indigenous women gold miners. My eldest got to splash in the mud with all the other kids, having the time of her life, while I sat there breastfeeding my youngest and connecting with the other moms. I felt such joy in sharing this part of my life with my family.
A few months later they joined me buying gems in Sri Lanka and visiting the community sapphire mines. I remember my six-year-old daughter sitting next to me, pointing at the gemstones she liked, studying them under the magnifier and asking for prices like a real boss.

In June, the whole family will join me to visit a sapphire mine in Borneo, to buy the stones directly from indigenous Dayak miners. My eldest daughter is so excited for this adventure and looking forward to playing in the rivers and climbing trees with the local kids.

Being a mom is hard. Wherever you are, whether you’re a stay at home mom, or working mom or anything in between or beyond. My kids teach me to slow down and approach this world with more wonder, and with a more open mind. The hardest part? Well, I’m definitely not getting as much sleep as I used to!