Fran Barker Design : Mimosa

Whenever I see the gorgeous ring by Fran Barker Designs, it makes me think of something idyllic. I don’t know why but I personally adore her unique style. Very charming too.
Like shown today, her Mimosa rings are sleek and modern but also still with a classic touch to it.
What I really like myself about this style is how snug and cozy the center stone is set. It’s as if it is being embraced by the ring design. Get what I mean? The center stone is being hugged. I find this quite exceptional!

Fran on the importance of sketching her designs:

“The design sketches for me and my clients are very rarely the initial stage of the design process; they are normally, the final phase and help bring to life the preliminary ideas combined with carefully selected gemstones sourced especially for my client’s vision. As designers who have been immersed in the jewelry industry, we often forget, once removed from this world, how difficult it can be to visualize a tangible piece of jewelry from a cluster of stones and some samples of gold. The sketches are so important as they bring to life both mine and my clients shared vision of how the final piece should look. I find incorporating color into my designs really important as adding a splash of color to a sketch to represent whether it be either white, yellow or rose gold can really elevate the tones of the gemstones and transform how a piece can look. Nothing will compare to how the actual finished piece, polished and set in all its glory, will look once completed but these designs are significant when it comes to customizing a unique item of jewelry.” – explains Fran.

Fran’s growing global customer base really enjoys having the opportunity to see the initial designs and then the finished outcome even if it isn’t a piece of their own. I find this quite amazing to see myself.
Pictured below is a purple-pink sapphire design still in the making.
Fran: “I am really excited about this piece as it is to be set in rose gold with an element of the Mimosa style. Keep your eye on my Instagram page to see the finished result when its made!”

Also, know that you can have your very own Mimosa ring customized from an initial design. So if you’re interested in your own Mimosa ring, be sure to contact Fran to discuss details and in the meantime also take a look at all of her wonderful Mimosa style rings on her website and pick your favorite!



All images and info thanks to Fran Barker