michelle fantaci esterella diamond gold cuff - madeofjewelry
Look at these Estrella cuffs by Michelle Fantaci. Aren’t they magical and charming? As if you’d be wearing a shooting star.
The motif for Estrella was created in 2008 and has been a continuing series. The curves end in a knife edge and the top surface is flat, with one side elongated. It’s the elongated part that, to me, makes it all more pretty. As they say: It’s all in the details. The elongated part in the cuff is the part that wrap around your wrist. You know what I mean.

Besides the Estrella cuff I completely adore and love the Estrella pendant, Estrela Stud and Chain earrings and the set of Three Small Estrella silver rings (Looking great in gold too, especially with Diamonds).
And when it comes to the non-Estrella pieces: the Diamond Horn necklace, and Large Rope bracelet.

michelle fantaci esterella cuffs - madeofjewelry
Diamond Estrella cuff | Gold Estrella cuff|Silver Estrella cuff

michelle fantaci jewelry - madeofjewelry



[All images via Stone and Strand| Collages made by MoJ]