East // West Gem Company

If you’re a lover of moissanite, then you’ll adore East // West Gem Company …seriously, you’ll ADORE this brand verrrry much. It’s really funny actually how this brand came to life, and this all thanks to social media and for two people to have a love for jewelry. Melanie and Brenna offer plenty of moissanite ring options and this for an affordable price. Melandme goes straight to the source and passes the discount to their customers. Which truth to be told is a really good thing for us jewel lovers right? This duo brings dream rings to real life with transparent pricing and responsibly sourced pieces.  Every piece is handcrafted by artisans in LA.

East // West Gem Company came about over the magical world of Instagram. It was an unexpected partnership, as we were both engrossed in our own jewelry companies at the time. Simply over messaging on Instagram, we became friendly and had the same vision for a couple of designs we collaborated on.

The Rowan ring: with a crushed ice radiant moissanite, invisible halo, claw-prongs and triple-side pave band
in a two-tone 14k white and rose gold setting.

Brenna expressed an interest in reaching out into fine jewelry, and we loved the idea of making eco-friendly moissanite rings with another like-minded, strong-willed, and driven woman.
The idea that moissanite can bring a woman her dream ring at a realistic price point, at one of the most important moments in her life was a huge passion for the both of us. To be a part of this moment in a couple’s life is monumental and so rewarding, an absolute honor.

The Peyton, Seraphina and Sienna rings.

We both felt so strongly on all of these points, that the partnership felt like it was meant to be. Our feeling on making rings was straight from the heart, and we wanted to bring that love of creating something special into the moissanite market.
While we are just starting, and moments away from our website launch, we continue to strive to bring variety to the moissanite market. We offer different colors and cuts, for the bride that wants something unique and different at a price that is realistic and affordable for a couple starting their journey together.” – shares Melanie about how East // West Gem Company got started!

All images and info thanks to Melanie | Collages by MoJ