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The Naga Slim cuff by John Hardy is a symbol of love, prosperity and protection. This piece is from John Hardy’s Naga Collection which is a part of the Fall ’14 campaign. A campaign featuring Cara Delevigne, who FYI looks flawless with the Naga Slim cuffs.

The Naga collection brings to life the Balinese legend of the dragon, a revered mythological creature symbolizing prosperity and good luck. In these legends, the dragon is known as the lover of the pearl and must dive from his volcano-top home to sea to visit his love. Each morning when he returns, his path brings water through the rice fields. The water produces a bountiful rice harvest, supporting the Balinese farmer.

So not only the Dragon design is interesting but the story behind it is as much fascinating as the piece itself.

john hardy naga cuff - madeofjewelry



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