Danielle Vroemen

danielle vroemen jewelry - madeofjewelry
The young talentend Dutch Danielle Vroemen creates minimalestic and geometrical jewelry. I’m pretty sure you ladies will like.
Perfect jewelry, to me, for your everyday outfit or when you simply prefer more simple pieces rather then huge statement ones.
Everyone has other taste or occassions to wear DV jewelry. I think it’s an unique style. It aren’t jewelry pieces you see in evry store or made by many brands or designers. Danielle has definitely her own style.

Let me now show you my favorite Danielle Vroemen pieces.


danielle vroemen Geom bracelet - madeofjewelry
GEOM bracelet triangular


danielle vroemen triangulated bracelet - madeofjewelry
Triangulated bracelet


danielle vroemen outline tags - madeofjewelry
Outline tags


danielle vroemen geom necklace - madeofjewelry
GEOM necklace


danielle vroemen v shape necklace - madeofjewelry
V Shape necklace


danielle vroemen siks ring - madeofjewelry
SIKS ring SR2


[All images via Danielle Vroemen and Tumblr. | Collages made by MoJ]