Contemporary Zara Simon

zara simon jewelry - madeofjewelry

Simple Beaten Stone bracelets, Comet ring, Disco ring with crossover,
Pinnacle earrings and Translucent pendant
all by Zara Simon

I recently came across Zara Simon when checking Instagram during my break at work. Liked the pieces right away of course. Back at home I checked out the website… it’s all so exquisite!
And then I noticed it’s all gold, all 18ct gold vermeil on sterling silver pendant.  Beautiful, really simon rings - madeofjewelry

Chestnut ring, Web ring, Aztec Flower ring and Raindrop ring



zara simon necklaces - madeofjewelry

Pinnacle chain and Wishbone pendant


zara simon bracelets - madeofjewelry

Psychodelic cuff (matches perfectly with the Chestnut ring as pictured above), Twin armband and Sand Web bracelet


zara river Simon earring - madeofjewelry
Loved this River earring instantly. It caught my eye and I adore it.
The shape, the stone, the design…everything.



[All images via Zara Simon | Collages made by MoJ]