echoes of culture consent cuff - madeofjewelry

Today, I’m happy to present you the Double Consent cuff by Echoes of Culture. No doubt you are consent with me about this piece, right? It looks so rad and chic.
Perfect for your everyday/casual or bohemian style. And not just that, even for a night out. Perfect at all times.
Thinking a smaller version would be more suitable for you? Then there is the Consent cuff (check below). Just as perfect and you can layer it with other bracelets or cuff for the perfect armswag. Just saying. 😉


echoes of culture consent - madeofjewelry echoes of culture consent bracelet - madeofjewelry


eoc consent cuff - madeofjewelry


Violator necklace | Consent cuff



[All images via Echoes of CultureInstagram| Collages made by MoJ]