Blooming Samantha Wills

I guess I don’t have to introduce Samantha Wills but although I will because everyone needs to know SW.
This gorgeous lady, Samantha, has been through some kind of a journey. And a successfull one.
It all began by crafting pieces for her friends and family (lucky them!) while she was still at school. You can clearly see she is talented. Plus she knows what women want. She has an eye for design and details. No doubt she must be proud of where she stands now. Which is doing something she loves and sharing it with us.

Her jewelry is luxurious and bohemian style. Everthing what us, women, like. I know you ladies agree with me.

samantha wills jewelry - stewilicious

Samantha Wills is most known for her oversize rings and especially the Bardot ring, which is available in several colors.

Samantha Wills bardot ring - madeofjewelry

One of SW’s newest collection is the Zodiac collection.
The pendant necklaces and bangles are engraved with zodiac signs and come with an illustration by Kelly Smith. The necklaces are sterling silver and are plated with gold, rose gold and silver. The bangles are brass with the same plating.

zodiac collage Samantha Wills by MadeOfJewelry
samantha wills - madeofjewelry
MoJ loves Samantha Wills. The person and the brand.
Samantha has a great sense of style. Not just concerning about her creations but also her personal style. And thank God for Instagram where Samantha shares some SW spirit and style with us.
It’s kind of a personal style diary of hers which we can follow about her projects, jewelry and herself.
So don’ forget to check out @SamanthaWills.







[All images by Samantha Wills | Collages by MoJ]