Bleecker & Prince : Push Presents – The Color Block Collection

During this Mom’s Month, I simply felt like to include Leehe’s latest Color Block Collection. I obviously love her brand Bleecker & Prince but this collection is honestly really special in so many ways. I not only love the designs and their colors but also everything they represent.
They additionally make the ideal Push Presents!
On a side note, Leehe is a new mom. She gave birth to her CUTE baby Max last summer, in August (I can’t ever handle her cuteness when she shares pics or videos of her baby girl on Insta, Max melts my heart).
So I guess you can see why I wanted to include Leehe and her collection to this special month celebration!

Where came the idea from for this collection/inspiration?
The Color Block Collection has been a long time coming, I have been adding color variations and keeping the ‘Jungle of Wonderland’ collection alive, but the truth is I was trying to find time to execute the new collection that has been in my head since Nov 2018. The Color Block collection is the natural next step from my previous collections- it combines the dainty gold timeless pieces with the colorful natural stones collection, the pieces are very minimalistic and ‘clean’, they are timeless and bold at the same time and most important (to me) is they just scream -‘Bleecker & Prince’.

What do push presents mean to you?
Push presents are to show the love and appreciation for growing a baby in your tummy for 9 months. And it actually is a nice way of showing that jewelry is and always will be the best gift!

What’s your sentiment about push presents?
I love making unique and personalized push presents and try to stay away from the obvious diamond boy or girl pendants. I like jewelry to stay timeless and sophisticated.

Which piece of the collection is your personal favorite?
I can’t answer that, it’s picking a favorite child (:

What has changed for you since you’ve become a mom?
WOW! EVERYTHING! & nothing at the same time… Being a mom is filling and empowering in a way I can’t explain in words. Everything I do now is for me & for her, it’s not just about me anymore, and that’s wonderful! Seeing that smile when she wakes up just makes everything worthwhile, it’s as simple as that.   But I say nothing has changed, at the same time, because I still work,  go out, do yoga, and make sure to have alone time with my amazingly supportive husband. I think it’s just as important to take care of myself and nurture my own needs, as well as taking care of Max.

How do you balance family live and work?
I just do it all, hahahah. It’s not easy! Some days you can’t fit it all in, and some days you feel like superwoman! It’s just important to not give up and keep working on yourself to improve and be a better person, for yourself, for your family.  ‘Balance’ is definitely the key to excelling this. 

Also, Thanks to Leehe, you guys can use ‘madeofbleecker‘ to get 15% off…sitewide! YAY!

Shop the Color Block Collection here

All images thanks to Bleecker & Prince | Collage and edits by MoJ