Auroro : Orbit ring

I believe I never have featured Auroro on the blog, besides a ton of times on Instagram…so far. But it’s never too late. So here is one of the ladies, Tiffany & Sarah, latest creation. The Orbit ring. If you know Auroro, then you know this piece and design makes absolute sense. It is 100% Auroro. The designers have a thing for UFOs (think the Beam Me Up pendant and earrings) and things that are extraterrestrial, hearts, mushrooms, whimsical, etc…

So, as said above, the inspiration behind the Orbit ring “is of course how planets, etc orbit the sun in our solar system.” as Tiffany explains. Since she is now a full-time designer, she has more time to design and finally got able to create an idea she had in her head for a long time. And so glad it came to life.
You can clearly see the gold lines around the Opal, which is the path around the stone. Like, yup, an orbit. Like the Earth orbits around the sun and like moons orbit around planets. Well, you get my point.
This specific Orbit ring features a stunning Mexican Fire Opal, set in 18k yellow gold. A one-of-a-kind.

All images by Auroro | Collage and edits by MoJ