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Laurie Fleming has recently launched her newest collection and it turned out fabulous.
From meticulously hand-carved pansies to shiny egg pieces to versatile earrings. The Astraria collection is very delicate and feminine.
Astraria (pl): The name comes from “astrarium,” which is an astronomical clock that can predict the positions of the sun, moon and planets. I wanted to explore the idea of how we weave stories into objects that capture our imagination. Space and celestial objects are one good example of that, but there’s a lot on Earth that was once fascinating to us as well.

Before modern science dictated the way we look at the world around us, the Victorian Era looked at the world through a more romantic lens. Symbolic meanings were given to objects such as flowers, shapes, colours and gemstones. The Pansy is one famous example, being a flower that looks like a person bowing their head, deep in thought. It became a symbol for “thought” during that era.

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Pansy ring   –   Pansy earrings   –   Pansy Drop earrings


I looked at the shape of the egg through the same lens. Inside is something completely unknown and mysterious until it hatches. It’s like a blank slate that we get to project our own meaning on to, so I thought it would be especially interesting to create the egg shaped pieces. They let the wearer put their own story into it, as it’s an egg that will never hatch.

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Argent Egg necklace   –   Astraria Egg necklace   –  Petite Egg necklace   –   Egg necklace



[All images and info thanks to Laurie Fleming Jewellery]