Are you ready for MoJ?

Some of you might know Made of Jewelry via Instagram. But first things first…what is MoJ about?
MoJ is a website (to be launched hopefully soon!) about, yes of course, jewelry. Made of Jewelry will represent jewelry brands and designers from all over the world. You will get to know more about new collections, brands, designers and new trends. From known to unknown brands and designers.
You can also bring your input via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or even via email. What for you wonder? If you send an image of you (not necessarily) and your jewelry by not forgetting where it is from (brand, designer, store), then you might get featured. Yes, you heard it well.
On Twitter and Instagram don’t forget your hashtag along with your photo. #mojAndMe
And let’s not forget the celebs. As we all love to know what they wear, MoJ will try to keep you updated about what singers and actors do wear.
Moj jewelry presentation
Stay tuned!