Anniversary Wishlist

The blog soon is about to turn 6… 6, can you imagine? On July 5th, that is.
Six whole years of blogging, or at least sort of lol (do we still use this term in 2019?). I started Made of Jewelry without knowing a thing about blogging or whatsoever and yet here we are, still.
Anyway, for this occasion, I usually do a Black & Pink blog post as these tend to be the blogs theme colors but this time I’m “just” going with an anniversary wishlist. Well, it will include some black and pink-related pieces obviously but here you go! Hope you like all these beautiful pieces just as much as I do!

  1. Astrid ring by Valerie Madison, featuring a Rose Cut dark gray pear diamond and prongs!
  2. Rita ring by Maddin Jewelry, set with a center Rose Cut pink Sapphire & Rubies & Garnet
  3. Tourmaline & Diamonds Eye plate by Celine Daoust, with fun dangling details
  4. Boheme Serpent Opal charm by Delphine Leymarie, because….well #neverenoughsnakes. Absolutely also adoring her Initial charms, Cresent Moon charms and Bonne Etoile charms. I’m now also in love with her new Boheme Leaf ring, like a lot!
  5. Brick Stack Dangling bracelet by Era Jewelry, which is chic yet playful!
  6. Massika ring by Jenny Norman, my first love of her work! It has diamond eyes, a flower crown and bi-color sapphire as well.
  7. Pink Tourmaline & Black Diamonds ring by Yi Collection, a perfect black and pink combo! Also am adoring this Pink Spinel ring and Rainbow Chain ring.
  8. Snowflake Eternity band by Hiddenspace Jewelry, love their unique style and the signature details in each piece!
  9. Kemi Mini bracelet by Julie Rofman, she has so many great and colorful bead bracelets. Love the Sami, Oro, Hana Mini bracelet and Baja as well and many more.
  10. Grey Moissanite Sofia ring by Kristin Coffin Jewelry, which I’m in love with quite a while now plus love its name 😉
  11. A Dala band from Metier by TomFoolery, makes a great stacking and as well
  12. Flying Pig signet ring by Retrouvai, a long time favorite as well plus I love the inscription ‘anything is possible’ which I all should be reminded of every now and then. Fyi, also adoring her Compass rings!
  13. Solitaire Emerald ring by Vena Amoris Jewelry, with prongsssss. This lovely has also accent diamonds and paraiba tourmaline. 
  14. Ruby ring by Tamy Zur Jewelry, comes with other gems as well such as Garnet and Peridot
  15. Galaxy Opal Inlay ring by Jacquie Aiche, all inlay piece are simply damn good!
  16. Last but not least, my ultimate dream ring is an emerald (by preference Emerald cut) Bezel set ring. As pictured here by Marrow Fine. For those interested as well be sure to check out the Adele Emerald ring by Blanca Monrós Gómez and the Emerald ring by Gillian Conroy.

Some more sparkling and shiny beauties:

Thank YOU for always being supportive and for being such wonderful fellow jewelry lovers!
Stay tuned, there’s an Anniversary Giveaway coming up so all eyes on Instagram!