Jewel Lover : Shira Rose

Hi lovers! Let’s welcome Shira Rose, style blogger at A Sequin Love Affair to the Jewel Lovers-club!
I’ve been following Shira since quite a while now on Instagram. I love her style, pop of colors, pretty nails and bold lipcolors (which btw suit her so well!). I which I could wear colors just as good as she does. Also, she has such a pretty smile!
Anyways, we’re here to talk about jewelry…so keep on reading:

My name is Shira and I’m a body positive style blogger and eating disorder therapist (LCSW) in New York. I’ve always had a slight obsession with jewelry. You’ll probably notice quickly that it’s rings in particular that I love. I hought I’d share my favorite pieces with you today and these are the jewels I tend to wear the most. I’m a yellow and rose gold girl all the way so that’s what you’ll be seeing!


This opal and white topaz ring is one of my newest acquisitions from Lacee Alexandra. Opals are my birthstone and this one is breathtakingly beautiful! Fun fact: I hated opals until about five years ago when I started to fall in love with them. Now they just might be my favorite stone!


These two aqua chalccedony rings from Brooklyn Designs are some of my most worn rings. I’ve had them for almost a year and adore the minty shade.


I don’t wear necklaces a lot but this Jules Smith choker is one of my favorites. I never liked the choker trend on me because I felt that they never flattered my petite frame and would cut my neck in a weird way. This open choker is the perfect way for me to pull off the trend. I love how dainty it is while still making a beautiful statement. I got it as a Chanukah gift last year.



I love this rose gold and silver crescent ring from Charlie and Marcelle and this post is reminding me to pull it out again!









This was my first ring from Lacee Alexandra and while I usually am drawn to daintier pieces there was something about this Astral Ring that pulled me in. The moonstone is amazing and she says it’s inspired by the celestial movements in the sky which I can totally see.


My grandmother bought it for me from a local boutique in Israel at least 7 years ago and of course it has a very special place in my heart. They’re two simple 14k yellow and gold white strands twisted together and I adore it.


I’ve had this open heart ring for a couple years from JCL Design and I love the hammered gold look. I even convinced my brother to buy one for his girlfriend and she loved it of course!


Because I am so allergic to anything that isn’t gold, especially in my ears, I tend to have just one pair of real gold earrings that go with everything and I literally never take them off. I bought these at a local fine jewelry shop in Brooklyn about 5 years ago and have worn them pretty much exclusively since. They’re classic and go with everything! I have other earrings but only wear them a few hours at a time since they end up bothering me.
The ring I’m wearing is a cool design from Ona Chan.

I adore these bangles from Alanna Bess. The turquoise and amethyst combination is my jam but I also wear them separately. They are incredibly well made and stunning!


This rose gold and amethyst ring is from another local fine jewelry shop in Brooklyn. My mother and grandparents bought it for my birthday at least 6 years ago!





Melissa Tyson created this blue opal ring for me (pictured in the 1st main photo as well with a Judith Jack ring) and it was my first opal piece I ever owned. I love it so much and I love that Melissa uses all recycled metals as well!




I love these Alexis Bittar earrings (pictured below) but can’t wear them for too long because my ears are so sensitive. They’re one of the few silver pieces I own. I couldn’t resist them at a sample sale a few years ago in New York.


All imagery by Shira Rose of A Sequin Love Affair