Jewel Lover : Lauren Havens

Next up in our Jewel Lover series is Lauren Havens, whom I’m obsessed with. I mean, if you’re into earpieces/piercing…she has ears to envy!
Besides pretty adorned ears (and purple hair) she happens to work at Ylang 23, as Director of Sales FYI. She works at source you guys!! If I’d be her, I wouldn’t be able to resist all the gorgeous jewelry I’d get to see, touch and smell on a daily basis.

Get to know more about Lauren, her love for jewelry and discover her favorite pieces below:

I started with Ylang 23 when I was 21 years old and am now 38, if that tells you anything. 😉
So I have spent the most of my adult life around jewelry and so many amazing designers!
I remember not having a clue about designer jewelry, not knowing how special and intricate handmade pieces are, and not understanding the work that goes into creating them.
Having worked with so many wonderful designers over the years, like Cathy Waterman, David and Ron of Ten Thousand Things, and Irene Neuwirth, I have found a true love for jewelry and the innovation that sets all of the designers apart.
I am always on the go, so I love jewelry that I can wear every day that I do not have to take off. I WEAR my pieces, I sleep in many of my pieces. I love pieces that do not have to leave my body.

I have a major obsession with stacking… ANYTHING!
That includes earrings. I have a slight obsession with piercings and tiny, delicate studs and hoops that make an elegant ear party. Maria Tash has become an all-time favorite, I was a fan before she came to Ylang 23. And Raphaele Canot has the most feminine hoops with her set free diamond hoops. Her emerald carved leaves and touch of enamel have also stolen my heart!

Lauren wearing Maria Tash (left) & Raphaele Canot (right)

I love stacking rings by WWAKE and Kataoka, both collections have such detail using the daintiest stones but offer such a presence when stacked. I could play with them all day long.
Also, who does not love a good ring stack by Cathy Waterman? My wedding band is by Cathy, and I have quite a few of her 22 karat gold bands that just form perfectly to the finger. Her gold is so rich and warm, I know I will never outgrow my love for her.
Jennifer Meyer has a following unlike any other and if I could wear a stack of her rings on every finger, every single day, I would! Her lapis inlay heart ring is such an iconic piece for her, and I would pair that with just about any of her tiny stacking rings.

From left to right:
WWAKE – Kataoka – Cathy Waterman – Jennifer Meyer


Irene‘s one-of-a-kind creations are breathtaking, and I am always excited to see what she comes up with next. Her single earrings have been such a hit for us at Ylang 23 as well as her one-of-a-kind opal pieces. Those opal hearts!!!!
I wear a couple of her stone bracelets stacked with a couple of organic link bracelets by Ten Thousand Things! More pieces that never leave my body

I just created a story of my own with Foundrae (pictured below, left), and have yet to take it off! I have Beth’s small Protection necklace on the belcher chain, and added her black enamel Dream charm and her Strength charm. We have so much fun creating different stories for different people, and not everyone is the same! So there is a uniqueness in this collection that cannot be found elsewhere.

Retrouvai is one of my newest favorites. The compasses (pictured above top right + bottom right) speak to me and while they are a modern design, they have a nostalgia to them that reminds me of something I would find in my grandmother’s jewelry box.

Marla Aaron… let’s talk about Marla! Her collection is the gift that keeps on giving! The pieces pair so well with other designers, like Foundrae! A new favorite of mine by Marla is her chubby baby lock with diamonds, it steals the show! We added it to a bespoke chain by Foundrae and the two were a perfect match. (All as pictured below)

– as told by Lauren Havens.



All imagery by Lauren Havens | Collages by MoJ