Jewel Lover : Brooke

Ever since I started the Jewel Lover series in 2014, and actually ever since I started the blog, I love to see what random people wear and how they style their jewelery.
As a jewelry insider it’s a pleasure to see every now and then how Brooke, who works for Jacquie Aiche FYI, styles her jewels…and so I finally asked her to share her favorites with us all:

I have been an instagram friend and follower of Sophie and Made of Jewelry for quite some time now. She has such great taste and always finds unique designs, up-and coming, and yet-to-be-discovered designers to feature. I’m honored to be a part of “Jewel Lover”!

When I was 6 years old, I remember walking down the street in Beverly Hills with my grandmother. I stopped at a jewelry store window, utterly mesmerized. There, my grandmother explained to me the meaning of “important” jewelry (her word for precious) and my love of jewelry was born. I turned my love for jewelry from a hobby into a career 20 years later when I began working for the lifesize jewelry box known as Roseark. And for the past 2 years, I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by the magical jewels of Jacquie Aiche as her Showroom Manager.



brooke-jewel-lover-turq horn and birds-madeofjewelry
Jewelry speaks to me in so many different ways. I use it as a form of self expression. Different pieces can change your entire look without changing a single piece of clothing. I love how different people are drawn to different stones whether it be because of the visual aesthetic or the healing properties associated with the gem.
Below are my turquoise bluebirds by Kathy Rose, Turquoise Double Horn by Jacquie Aiche, and my staple layer 31 Diamond Necklace also by JA. Turquoise is said to protect from negative energy and bring strength and balance to its wearer. It also makes me think of summertime and beaches which resonates with me being born and raised in Southern California.


I feel fortunate to have met so many creative, driven, talented and inspiring people while working in the industry, some of whom I’m lucky to call my good friends. Below are a few of my faves designed by them. Diamond Ear Cuff by Jill Hoffmeister (@jillhoffmeisterjewelry). Diamond Leaf ring by Yakira Rona (@yakirarona). Diamond Quail Bone Ring and Stingray Barb Necklace with diamond baguettes by Elisabeth Bell (@elisabethbelljewelry). And the Mini V Rings that never leave the top of my finger by Jacquie Aiche (@jacquieaiche).


I am always drawn to antique jewels. I could spend an entire afternoon in Platt Boutique (@plattboutiquejewelry), they have the absolute best curation of vintage jewelry in Los Angeles. I also love mixing old with new. Below are two diamond rings, one from each of my grandmothers which hold a special place in my heart. The blue topaz heart ring was the first real piece of jewelry my parents got me while on vacation in the Virgin Islands (It happens to be my birthstone, and I am a sucker for anything with a heart on it). And two of my favorite rose gold JA pieces.
brooke-jewel-lover-old and new-madeofjewelry
Charm necklaces are back! But in my book, they were never out of style. Here are a few charms I’ve collected over the years from my vacations to different islands, “I Love Tennis”, a gift from my parents when I won my first important tennis match, a butterfly from Italy from my grandma because I used to love when she gave me butterfly kisses, a pearl from my mom’s necklace that she wore on her wedding day…

And last but certainly not least, if you follow me on insta, it’s no secret that I love cats, especially my own :). I’m glad I found a way to express my love for my feline friends through my jewelry… From right to left: a fun cat brooch-turned necklace found at an antique store in Orange County, Jacquie Aiche Persian Cat Cameo necklace and Jacquie Aiche Kitty Ear rings.




Thanks Brooke for sharing all these beauties with us!



[All images by/via Brooke]