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Hi! I’m Sophie, the founder and blogger of Made of Jewelry, who created this blog back in July 2013. I am based in Europe, Belgium.
More about the birth of the blog on my About page.

Made of Jewelry is my love space. A space where I share my discoveries, personal jewelry interests, and the pieces that capture my heart. I love, love, LOVE jewelry. While not a gemologist or jewelry insider, I’m very dedicated to sharing my love for jewelry. It’s more than just a hobby; it’s an unbridled obsession.

As a fellow jewelry enthusiast, my mission is to learn and, most importantly, share this passion with my audience and followers. I’m constantly on the lookout for new and emerging talents in the jewelry industry.

Made of Jewelry offers a variety of services, from sponsored blog posts to banners and social media promotions. I am also open to collaboration ideas and welcome suggestions from artists, PR and retailers. I am all ears to explore potential collaborations. Note that I only collaborate with these people because I love what they do, not because they pay me. It’s really important, for me, that you know this.

Collaborating with Made of Jewelry offers several benefits, including exposure to a dedicated jewelry-loving audience. My so-called creativity breathes life into brands and jewelry in my unique way, helping artists expand their online presence. The Made of Jewelry platform connects with a passionate community, driven by my personal adoration for jewelry. Made of Jewelry is not just a blog … it’s a testament to my love for all things jewelry.

It’s an opportunity for brands and artists to join my journey through the fascinating world of gems and design. Whether it’s promoting pieces or collections (that I also love), or creating engaging content, I am eager to explore creative partnerships and share my love for jewelry with my worldwide audience.