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Hand carved and cast, the Spine cuff by Corey Egan features 24 individually carved vertebrae. Three sizes of vertebrae make up the full spine: 5 Lumbar (largest), 12 thoracic (medium), and 7 cervical (smallest) that taper from one end of the cuff to the other. Just as an FYI. What I love about this cuff […]


  I adore this Fishbone bracelet by Sarah Swell. Don’t ask me why, but I just do. Know that I love more pieces by Sarah but let’s focus on this neat bracelet. 😉 This piece is like you are wearing a spine around your wrist. As seen worn with another bracelet, it does look even […]

Deco Spine

  Earlier on I discoverd some interesting leather hand-crafted accessories made by Sarah Heulwen Lewis which I liked a lot. Sarah also created this Deco Spine bracelet. Spine as in spine, indeed. Sarah on the Deco Spine bracelet: Generally I am inspired by anything medical, the human form and love the Art Deco period. When […]